Rock Bottom (Alan Drop Entertainment)

Rock Bottom: Alcoholism, Mountains and People

Interactive storytelling at its best.  In the foothills of a mountain range in Africa, an alcoholic friend knocks on a door late at night.  His solo journey into the mountains will be to re-think his life choices.  What happens next is beyond his imagination.  Professional entertainer, Alan Drop, tells this true story in a way that has had audiences reflecting on their own lives.

At the end of the show, audiences are asked to comment on the events and to comment critically on how the story was told.  Alan believes that “Everyone has a story to tell” and this show encourages audiences to revisit their life stories and think about how they can tell these to others.

Alan takes a break from stand up comedy to deliver this powerful story.  He says, “I have told this story to people from age 10 to 80” in many different countries and it always engages their emotions and their intellect.   He adapts the language to suit the age of the audience.

Om utøvere og produsenter

  • Arrangert av: Trøndelag
  • Kunstnere/grupper: Alan Drop Entertainment

Om kunstner / utøver / gruppe

Alan Drop has performed stand up comedy for over 19 years and taught for 18 years in Africa, South America, Norway, and other parts of Europe. He has toured with DKS with 6 different shows.  He now lives in Stjørdal and is a professional stand up comedian and public speaker.  He has a master’s degree in English literature and, as a former teacher, Alan knows how to communicate with and engage students.